Yesterworld: The Rise & Fall of Showbiz Pizza Place & Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Time Theatre

Explore the history, origins and ultimate downfall of Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Time Theatre & Showbiz Pizza Place: The Animatronic Pizza Parlor Icons of the 80’s & 90’s.

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I want to give a very special thanks to, as although no one from the website was involved in the making of this episode, it was a fantastic source for information, articles, newsletters & footage. The proper copyright holders are listed below, but the vast majority of the materials used in the video come from Please check them out & show them your support!

Also, make sure to check out their Video Archive & Youtube Page where many of the clips in this episode are sourced:

Finally, here is a link to their ‘University Page’, where many of the documents relating to both Chuck E. Cheese & Showbiz Pizza Place were sourced:

All Chuck E. Cheese and/or Showbiz Pizza Place footage, images & documents are the copyright of CEC Entertainment Holdings, LLC.

Primary Sources:

Rock-afire Explosion Documentary – Window Pictures, LLC.


ONLINE VIDEO/IMAGE SOURCES (The rest are continued within the pinned description, non-internet links are listed in the episode’s end credits):

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T-Rex Cafe footage – Golden Gia –

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Video Fever – ABC – Steven Hertz –

Shakey’s Pizza Commercial – OsbornTramain –

Organ Power Pizza – Auto-Generated –

Country Bear Jamboree promo –, Disney

U.S. Census Bureau –

Fawlty Towers – BBC Comedy Greats –

Real People PTT 1979 Footage – CEC Nevada – Telepictures Corporation / SFM Entertainment –

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PTT Corporate Promo – –

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Robert Brock Interview – NBC – sptproductions –

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Hard Luck Bears Footage – Creative Engineering – showbizpizza YT –

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United Airlines ad – – United Airlines Holdings – ArchiveAnnex –


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